Hey there! My Name is Jeramy Burke-Miller, I'm a male midwestern American voice over artist with hundreds of hours of experience. Completing over 800 jobs working on commercials/promos for brands such as PubG, SHEIN, and Genshin Impact, Producing audiobooks for authors in mainly the sci/fi fantasy genre, live dubbing/adr for multiple studios, character work for many productions including video games, indie animation, and audio dramas. Add on narration for E-Learning companies and creators on YouTube. I make sure to make the highest quality recording possible! And I can only promise to get better as I grow with my clients!I have over 4 years of video editing experience from being on Youtube and Twitch; which transmitted very well when a full time job took me away from old passions and I had to look for a new career path! From being the typical class clown in my formative years, to years of streaming and making videos, it was a simple and fun process making the transition to voice over!My young, vibrant, energetic tone (alongside a wide vocal range) lends my voice well to Teen/Young Adult casts as well as deep voice male characters!Interested in booking? Have a question? Please feel free to contact me for anything you need and I'll do my best to get back to you in less than 12 hours!You can reach me on social media, email, or Discord and I hope to work with you in the future!

Sennheiser MKE 600
Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Sound Treated Booth
-60db Noise Floor
Source Connect Now Capable


Yateland Kids

Officer Ceratosaurous, Palisephalosourous, Santa

The Awesome Lawsons

Narrator, Eli, Dad
1.82 million subscribers, 32k likes

Manga Turtle Homenoba

All male characters, 202k subscribers


PubG Mobile

Various promo spots

RE/MAX Promo

RE/MAX Prime Properties Ontario

Dubbing/Live Dubbing


Various male characters including Isias.
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Part A (eng)

Tyler, Martin, Leo (episode 21 to present)30k subscribers

Popcorn Snobs

Long form dub narration

LY Team Stories

Various Male Characters including Damon and Evan.

Video Games

Murder Party Pocket (Release April 2023)

Arturo Pantaleo


World of Ferrox


War Legends (Release 2023)

Dwarf Tank

Sega & Sonic Bootleg Collection


Background Characters


Greater Than a Tourist - Frederick Maryland USA : 50 Travel Tips from a Local (Greater Than a Tourist Maryland)
Written By Anna Liisa Van Mantgem
Narrated By Jeramy Burke-Miller

Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown (Shutdown Series Book 1)
Written By Sandra Rains Debusk
Narrated By Jeramy Burke-Miller

VampQuest 2: A Machine Learning Nightmare
Written By Adison Runberg
Narrated By Jeramy Burke-Miller

The First Olympians
Written By Graeme Falco
Narrated By Jeramy Burke-Miller


Musk Munition

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Marvelous Videos

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Business Picks

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Caught on Camera

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Interested in booking me for Voice Over services or have questions? Great! Below is a form to fill out everything you need. Or email me directly at jeramy.burke@yahoo.comIf you are wishing to book me for Voice Over work please consider including the following in your message:1.What Genre is this project? Ie. Narration, Animation, E-Learning, Commercial, Etc.2. Will this be used Commercially or Broadcast?3. Where will the Voice Over be used? Where can you find it after completion?4. How long is the script and how many takes do you need?5. When do you need the recording done?6. Your Budget? (if you are unsure please feel free to contact me or check the GVAA rate guides if you are new to pricing!)7. Is there an NDA?